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Architektural reserve STARO STEFANOVO - one of the hidden treasures in Bulgaria!

Architectural reserve Staro Stefanovo

In Brief

           In the village of Stefanovo, 20 km southeast from Lovech and 27 km northeast from Troyan is the village of Staro Stefanovo Architecture Reserve (recognized in 1982 year and is the only one on the territory of the region) with 97 monuments of culture from the end of the XVII and the middle of the XIX century. Small and authentic Staro Stefanovo village still remains largely untouched by tourism. The road leading to it enters the village and does not go any further – it just merges into the river just after crossing the ravine. The village is quiet and mostly crumbling, although more and more houses are being renovated each year, and it is impressively beautiful.
           In the area, there is an ancient Roman fortress – “Kaleto” and some Thracian mounds. The first written information dates back to 1515 from the registers of Nikopol district when the village was called Isvote. Other sources are the taxation records (1624) and Voinugan lists from the beginning of the 18th century. Preserved as an entire ethnographical and architectural complex, the village of Stefanovo (until 1949 - Vratsa) during the Ottoman Rule enjoyed the status of a soldiers' and dervishko (Turkish monks) village. It is one of the oldest settlements in the Lovech district with a proven ancient Bulgarian origin. Sites of interest are also the Birth of the Holy Mother`s Birth church built in 1882 by Usta (Master) Gencho Kunchev from Tryavna; The village fountain (1830); The Priest`s Bridge (1824) built by Master Marin Hristov from Lovech; The 1300-year old oak tree - around which were the grounds for spiritual services. The first school was set up in 1854 in the house of Priest David - Father Superior in the Troyan Monastery up to 1906, follower and a courier of the Apostle Vassil Levski. In 1870, a secret revolutionary committee was founded and often the Apostle and Priest Matei Preobrazhenski - Mitkaloto (the Wanderer) visited the village. A native rebel is Ivanaki Yonkov Kyurkchiyata - Vrachancheto, who was among the leaders of the Velchova Zavera (Velcho's Conspiracy against the Ottoman Rule), hung by the Turks in 1836 The village is a favourite place for shooting film productions for its preserved distinctive spirit and architecture.

"Architectural reserve Staro Stefanovo"
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